IBALL BATON ADSL2+ Modem- Configuration

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 June 2012 Published Date Written by Linish T Aakkalam




iball-wired 1- Type in browser and Enter .

A window will appear asking Username & Password. Type ; Username: admin Password: admin

 and Press Enter or click OK . The modem site will appear.


 2- Click on QUICK START menu..Click on RunWizard Link->

 A new box will appear-> Click on Next -> Next -> Select PPoE -> Next ->

 Enter User Name and Password provided by BSNL ( Ensure VPI is 0 and VCI is 35 )

 and click on Next-> Finish Setup.



 Wait a minute for DSL/ADSL light to be stable in MODEM, after that wait some seconds for INTERNET light to glow(If not OFF/ON the modem). Now check the Internet in computer.




If INTERNET is not getting or INTERNET light is not blinking in modem-


- click on the STATUS link in modem.


- If status is DOWN, contact service provider.


- If status is Authentication failure , ensure the Username and Password is correct.








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